I am happy to advise and support you with your AI, data science and geoinformatics projects. In addition to technical and strategic advice, I analyze your data sets, visualize the results and develop interdisciplinary tools for automatic information processing with machine learning and deep learning methods.

Data Analytics

I use Python, SQL, Tableau and Power BI for ETL processes, data analysis and visualisations. In addition to data preparation, which I perform locally or in the cloud (Azure / AWS), I am happy to supplement your inventory data with additional data sets. With the help of my analysis and the final presentation, you can then make data-centric decisions.

AI tools with machine learning and deep learning

For the development of AI tools, I use machine learning algorithms (Machine Learning / Deep Learning). Application examples include facial recognition, image data segmentation, character recognition, table data classification, speech recognition and chatbots. I develop such computer vision and NLP methods with the Python libraries Numpy, Scikit-learn, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Langchain and LlamaIndex, among others. I also use various LLMs for chatbot development.


Raster and vector data that are collected by satellites, for example, can supplement existing data with information about the geosphere. I use Python, SQL, GIS and specific remote sensing software for the preparation, analysis and visualization of geospatial data. If large amounts of data are to be classified or segmented, for example landscape changes based on satellite data, I use machine learning and deep learning methods.

Earth sciences

I combine data science with my research experience in the fields of quaternary science, geomorphology, geography and geoinformatics. I would be happy to develop interdisciplinary tools for you.

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