Linking Data Science with Earth Science

Do you want to merge and analyze your data from different sources?
Do you want to use machine learning to analyze your data or automate processes?
Do you want to integrate and use artificial intelligence in your processes?
Do you also want to understand and use geodata for your analyses?

As a Data Scientist specializing in Machine Learning and Geoinformatics, I analyze your data and develop new algorithms and tools to solve your data-centric problems.

Dr. Gerrit Tombrink

Data Scientist and Geomorphologist

I am happy to solve your data-centric questions. I can draw on many years of experience in data analysis and in-depth scientific expertise.


I support you in your data science and geoinformatics projects. A brief overview of my expertise:


I would be happy to support you in designing training and test datasets for machine learning. I can also supplement your datasets, for example with:

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