MLOps, AutoML and web development

MLOps, AutoML and Webdev

Contract type: Freelancer Client: Manufacturer of geoinformation software Task: Evaluation and testing of AutoML and MLOps methods with Python, development of a web survey with the Python library Flask, including database transfer Time period: 07/2023 to 01/2024 Technologies: Python, JavaScript, HTML, Pandas, Geopandas, Numpy, Sklearn, MLflow, Autokeras, PyCaret, Tensorflow, Flask, Bootstrap, Hugging Face, SQLAlchemy, Jupyter […]

Data Wrangling and ML App Development

Machine Learning

Contract type: Freelancer Client: Max-Planck-Institute and Helmholtz-Institute Task: Web Scraping and Data Wrangling of spatial datasets with Python, development of an (end-to-end) ML app and dashboards for training/validation of datasets with Python Time period: 10/2022 to 12/2022 Technologies: Python, Requests, Pandas, Geopandas, Numpy, Sklearn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Streamlit, Plotly, Ray, Jupyter Lab, VS Code, Insomnia, Gitlab, […]

Database analytics, mapping and visualization

Contract type: Freelancer Client: Distribution system operator / Energy provider Task: Implementation of ETL processes to transform PostgreSQL/PostGIS data into an ArangoDB, creation of tools (e.g. visualisation, validation and anonymisation) and dashboards with Python. Time period: 07/2021 to 06/2022 Technologies: Python, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Networkx, Plotly, Bokeh, SQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Jupyter Lab, VS Code, DBeaver, […]

Flood events and their effects in a Himalayan mountain river

Buri-Gandaki, Himalaya

Contract type: Independent research project Client: Gerrit Tombrink Task: Investigations of the Buri Gandaki river (Nepal) system Time period: 2015 to 2017 Technologies: Lightroom, Photoshop, fieldwork, Remote Sensing, QGIS and GRASS GIS This research examines flood events and related human interactions in the northwestern Himalayan Buri Gandaki Valley (Nepal). Past flood events could be examined […]

Deep learning for the classification of seed plants


Contract type: Independent development project Client: Gerrit Tombrink Task: Development of a CNN for the classification of seed plants Time period: 2019 Technologies: Python, Pandas, Numpy, Pytorch, Fastai, Jupyter Notebook, Linux This artificial neural network (ANN) in the field of computer vision – for the automatic classification of seed plants – was developed on the […]

Data archive on landscape changes in high mountains


Contract type: Independent development project Client: Gerrit Tombrink Task: Development of a data archive on landscape changes Time period: 2013 to 2018 Technologies: Lightroom, Photoshop, WordPress, Webanalytics, Social Media Photographic comparisons of landscapes from different periods of time give us clues about the anthropogenic and physiogeographical changes in the earth’s surface. They show us how […]

Data analysis and visualization of “WeRateDogs” Twitter data, Udacity Nanodegree project


Contract type: Training project, Data Analyst Nanodegree, Udacity Client: Gerrit Tombrink Task: Data analysis of Twitter data “WeRateDogs” Time period: 2018 Technologies: Python, Pandas, Numpy, BeautifulSoup, Tweepy, Json, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Jupyter Notebook The project consisted of downloading, analyzing and visualizing “WeRateDogs” Twitter data using Python. The data could be accessed through URL and a Twitter […]

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